As businesses around the world consider how to recover from the devastation caused by the Corona Virus Disease which has changed demand for products and services across sectors, there are some ideas we need to consider instead of jumping into the norm of shedding excess fat in the system, but share thoughts to help position your company for recovery and future growth.

For the reason that health is wealth, it will be nice to mention how to keep safe. Companies must adhere to physical distancing, the proven way to stop the spread of the virus. Mandatory hand washing, provision of hand sanitizers before entering the place of business, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects, prevent people from shaking hands around the premises, individual temperature checks, wearing of face masks at all times to protect yourselves as well as those around you.

Corporations should review their business models as they return from the lockdown, and not be in a haste to do the expected of firing workers they don’t like their faces, reduce overheads to make shareholders and owners of businesses happy so they can take profits home. Thus, organizations should focus on recovering revenue that may be hanging pre-COVID-19, adjusting to the free flow of operations as it were and accelerate the adoption of digital technology solutions from start to finish in day to day business operations with minimal face to face and person to person meetings.

Companies should expand digital channels to suit the new normal. There are some leading apps online that can speed up the process namely: Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype for business, Cisco WebEx, Facebook chat room, etc. for video conferences. This will help for two-way communication and reduce the focus on rapid revenue making focus. However, what we are fighting is an invincible enemy that no one knows the end phase to the pandemic, so make better plans that will help in the long term. Employees should learn how to complete tasks remotely using digital collaboration tools. Moreover, when companies invest in more training for the workforce, the benefits are enormous.

In case the business cannot be done without a face to face meeting among staff, work hour shifts to prevent a cluster of too many people in a room at the same time, partitioning staff in the office if they are close together can be considered. Although with this, the tendency that one infected person can spread the virus round the premises is very possible.

Targeted campaigns should be embarked upon as part of the business marketing efforts in order to win back loyal customers, social marketing campaigns as well, in order to promote health and hygiene, educating the sales team to embrace automation for their day to day sales activities throughout the sales process. This will be an improvement from the closed systems of one-on-one transactional relationships to digital platforms and networks of mutually beneficial partnerships, and when all these are done, companies need to evaluate the impact on earnings.

In conclusion, this situation we find ourselves has become the new normal, thus we have to become very cautious about what we do in public as well as in private. Let’s do what is best to make money and have our health at the same time. Health is wealth.


Michael Ejiro Joseph, is a marketing and communications professional with specialties in brand communications, technology strategy, business development, corporate communications, public relations; events management.